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Documentation of display at Arcade11 2019

What is esports? What is Super Smash Bros. Melee? Why is it special?

AJ 'spoopy' Rappaport 

Code written by Michael 'webs' Weber 

Coding Documentation Process by Michael Weber

Displayed at Sights of Feeling : Milieux Research-                      Creation Expo 2018 & Arcade11 2019

This work is an overview of the competitive esports community for Super Smash Bros. Melee [SSBM], a fighting game for the Nintendo Gamecube. The work is a combination of writing, drawings and design elements that offers insight about this passionate community. This interdisciplinary work has been uploaded to a raspberry pi, housed in a handmade case, styled after the Nintendo Gamecube. The pi includes a program specific to the work, that allows one to navigate through the piece with a Gamecube controller, using the joystick to scroll and various buttons to zoom in and out. The piece is displayed on a CRT television. These two pieces of hardware are used unanimously in the SSBM community.

Viewers are invited to learn about this special community through the inviting graphics and easy-to-navigate text, while simultaneously experiencing the materiality of the hardware used by Melee players around the world. The piece is meant to serve as an approachable multidimensional experience to teach about esports and SSBM through a somewhat gamified experience.  



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