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In the Anthropocene Epoch of today, gamers are beginning to harmonize and become synonymous with mainstream culture. As consoles progress and franchises’ game titles grow, so do we as gamers. Yet, vexing situations and disappointing developments seem to surface all too often in gaming communities. Gamers are often remembered as infused with rage, impotence, rampant sexism and other ill-favoured qualities. This interdisciplinary theological movement is a call for change. No longer will there be gatekeepers, ostracizing gamers of infinite and expansive identities. No longer will antagonism and apathy be our signifiers. No longer will gamers be or be seen as distasteful. Virtue is coming. With this text and its teaching, gamers can ascend to wholesome status and include new forms of spirituality into their gaming practises.


interdisciplinary performance,

april, 2019

photos by Alex Apostolidis

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