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available flash

past work

how to book with spoopy

tattoo FAQ

email me at


• your name & pronouns

• your email

• your phone number

• your availability


• a screenshot of the flash you want 

• if you want a custom tattoo, include references to my past work/flash that you’d like to draw from. attaching your own references is great too

• the size expectation you want roughly in inches (e.g., 3”x4”)

• the placement on your body (e.g., outside of the left upper thigh)

for your safety, if you have sensitives, allergies or skin conditions please let me know. disclosing this information with me can allow us to give you the best tattoo, heal and experience possible. all client information is kept strictly confidential.

sliding scale

  • i am happy to offer sliding scale for folks with lower income backgrounds. if this applies to you, feel free to ask for sliding scale in our emails when booking. please do not take advantage of this, as it will hinder my ability to continue to offering sliding scale for the folks who actually benefit from it.

important to note

  • designs are not repeatable unless it’s a matching friendship tattoo or stated otherwise

  • deposits are non-refundable

  • not doing cover-ups right now

  • will not do fine line tattoo

  • i only work in my own style. I will NOT tattoo other artists’ work