2020, House Arrest: Games Night, The Importance of Gaming, guest appearance on online web-series, presented by The House Toronto, Canada

2019 Super Smash Bros. Melee and the Holy Trinity of Residual Hardware, presented at Beyond Games: Tinkering and Creative Appropriation in Video Games in partnership with MIGS/MEGA


2019 Super Smash Bros. Melee as Esports: The Holy Trinity of Hardware and Active Embodiment, Poster presentation, UCI Esports Conference 2019, Irvine, California, USA

2019 What is SSBM? Arcade11, 4th Space, Concordia University, Montreal Canada

2018   What is SSBM?, Sites of Feeling, Milieux Institute, (Group Show), Montreal Canada, October 19th

2018 Untitled, featured in Miscommunication, produced by the Queer Print Club (Sponsored by FASA)

2018 RMBR ME, Mouseprint Gallery, Montreal, Canada (Solo Show)

2018 spoopy's playground, In Bloom, Eastern Bloc Gallery, Montreal, Canada (Group Show)

2017 Untitled,featured in Paper Jam (2nd edition) publication, produced

by SPA (Student Print Association of Concordia)

2017 not-so-wallpaper, INTERIM, L'ecole des Beaux Arts, Montreal, Canada, Concordia End of Year Showcase 

2017 Slime Lies, TOUT INCLUS, Galerie Espace, Montreal Canada, a show from Art Matters 2017 (Group Show)

2016 death and mascara, featured in GHOST a publication by the Queer Print Club (sponsored by FASA) 

2016 Untitled,Off the Block, POPOP Gallery, Montreal, Canada (Group Show)


2015 squares, Sketch Group Book Publication


2015 squares, Sketch Mouse Print Gallery Montreal, Canada

(Group Show)


2015 wait, Peachy Altelier Galerie Alain Piroir Montréal, Canada (Group Show)


2015 stars alligned, Ferme ta boîte, projet parallèle,  9e édition de la Biennale internationale d’estampe contemporaine de Trois-Rivières,  Trois-Rivières (Qc.)


2014 (December - August) selling and showing at The Toronto Arts Market (College location)


AJ Rappaport is a multi-media artist from Toronto who works primarily in drawing, painting, digital art, print media and installation. AJ completed their BFA in 2018 and their INDI (Individualized) Masters in 2020 researching the esports community for Super Smash Bros. Melee. at Concordia University in Montreal. They are in the process of editing and compiling their interdisciplinary thesis as a book for the SSBM community and beyond before the year's end.

 Their work deals with themes of the temporal and the ephemeral, often through the investigation of nostalgic phenomenon of the 21st century. They are an avid collector of a wide variety of things, which has become a very prominent theme in their practise. Their work, often embracing kitsch aesthetics, will pose questions on memory and its capacity, or rather its in-capacities. Specifically, they investigates nostalgia, its properties and the retro through and with the semiotics of early video game and PC culture, usually in some sort of assemblage form to reference their enchantment with collection. The work takes multiple forms such as installation, print media, digital art, and mixed media. Their most recent work dances in the realm of combining fine art practises with toy making.

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