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pet and animal portrait commissions

Email with the following information:

  • Well-lit and high-quality photo references (2-5 images) of the animal. Please indicate if you have a favourite as I will use one very closely as reference and will mirror that pose.


  • Headshot or full body

  • Addition of props (e.g. silly hat) or additional imagery (e.g. emojis, blush)

  • Colour as is or colour variations (e.g. black and white, normal colour, pastel, high saturation)

  • Size and medium choice (as noted below)

  • Timeline requirements

  • Mailing Address

All commissions require a non-refundable deposit of half the cost of the piece to begin. Second half of payment is due when the work is ready to be mailed (eTransfer or Paypal only right now).
I reserve the right to share and circulate your commission on social media and use it in future advertisements. Thank you for your support!!

Oil Painting

  • Takes at least 6 weeks from the placement of the commission

  • Sizes offered:

    • 4x4 inches canvas – pricing starts at $200 + tax

    • 8x8 inches canvas – pricing starts at $375 + tax

    • Large scale options available on a case-by-case basis

Pencil Crayon

  • Takes at least 3 weeks from the placement of the commission

  • Solid colour background

  • Sizes offered:

    • 5x7 inches piece on 6x8 inches thick grade paper – pricing starts at $120 + tax

    • 4x4 inches wood panel - pricing starts at $150 + tax

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